In 2019, ASTRAL expecting a higher-level development

In the era that big touch screen becomes a trend, ASTRAL successfully switched to smart big screens from traditional screens, and in the future touch performance would be more sensitive and the devices would be lighter and compact. Currently, ASTRAL’s customers cover many brands around the world, well-known or not. And the revenue from Asia, Africa, South Africa and North America business counts about 75%, while North South Africa and Europe counts nearly 25%. ASTRAL will keep to increase its [...]

Large-screen Central Multimedia Navigation: Future Trend

There is no doubt that large-screen navigation system is leading the current trend. Currently for the traditional horizontal screen, the size is from 7 to 9 inch, and will be upgraded to be around 10 inch. During the developing process of our new vertical screen devices, beautiful appearance, installation and other factors have been fully considered and verified already.

What is satellite navigation?

What is satellite navigation? from Car Satellite Navigation Device Professional OEM ManufacturerThe satellite navigation system (GPS) is based on the global satellite positioning technology, together with the geographic information technology (commonly known as “electronic map” or GIS), computer technology, database technology and multimedia technology and other high-tech integrated application system for car drivers To provide user-friendly intelligent navigation services. Car GPS satellite navigation system is the application of high-end products, can be applied to different vehicles to achieve autonomous navigation.

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