Why can’t the GPS Navigation System positioning be always quick? 


from In Dash Car GPS Navigation System Professional OEM Manufacturer

The location of the navigation software is affected by the location of the day and place, please go to the GPS receiving signal a better position. The primary problem with GPS is that the signal is blocked, the relative position is poor, and the COM port is set incorrectly. It is easier to receive satellite signals when used in places with fewer covers.
The first time because the GPS is not used in the location of the record, so the positioning is slow, please do not move in the open location of the location, GPS faster completion of the first position. If you must first locate in the car, the positioning will be completed slowly, or stop at the open site or in the open roadside. The use of the magnet in the car should be placed outside the car antenna in order to avoid blocking the signal. Blocking sunlight filters the car (wave) glass and may affect reception of GPS waves.
Car roof metal block to receive GPS radio waves.
High-rise buildings next to the affected reception.
High-voltage cable and telecommunications company’s base station next to the wave dry.
Bad days, lightning thunder, clouds are too thick.

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