10.4 Inch VW Magotan/Passat 2016+ Big Touch Screen Car Stereo

ASTRAL known as China leading a car big screen stereo manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesale & Supplier. We have been cooperated with automobile manufacturers all along and indulged in manufacturing 9.7 inch, 10.4 inch, 12.1 inch tesla style/big screen stereo for the car

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DIY big touch screen car stereo systems became ubiquitous

10.4 Inch tesla style screen
Scratch resistant: Scratch Resistant
Screen reflection: Anti-glare, low reflective
Touch induction: Electrostatic action, sensitive
Light transmittance: Good transmittance, high definition
The big screen car stereo more advanced than ever before, features a responsive, powerful and intuitive touchscreen user interface that is easy to use and highly customizable. Clearly, Our UI is designed specifically convenient for the driver.


Support headrest and external monitor connection

Many of these in-dash big screen car stereos are compatible with add-on peripherals like headrest monitors and backup cameras. This allows you to centralize all your electronic devices into a single interface, optimizing your ability to adjust various settings and get the information you need while paying attention to the road.


 Quick Detail

. Electronic and mechanical anti-shock system
. Car Make: Volkswagen Magotan/Passat 2016 2017
. 1024*768, 1080P HD VIDEO
. Model: AST-10413
. Hear music on your own way With DSP system
. Support 4G SIM Card
. Android 8.1 / 9.0 / 10.0 O.S
. DDR3 2G/4G, 16GB / 32GB / 64GB Internal Memory
. a new generation of high-end processor, Quad Core/Octa Core 1.6GHz CPU
. Support Clearer AHD Rear View Camera
. 10.4-Inch tesla style vertical screen
. Easy to install, Just plug directly
. Built-in Radio Tuner(RDS enabled), 18 FM and 12 AM stations Preset.
. HD 1080P, Anti Shock Memory, Last Position Memory
. Support TPMS built-in or built-out,
. Support OBD function
. Support Wifi module, 3G module.
. Supporting 1080P HD and 3D background
. Support digital TV/analog TV
. Super Hardware Performance,Fast Response.
. Support Starting Logo change to your favorite background.
. Built-in GPS, Support Dual-zone, Voice navigation, Tomtom IGO Route 66 Papago etc.
. Built-in 4x45W hi-fi amplifier: international professional BBE sound effect processing to strengthen audio ambiance and sound embellishment effects and make music more gentle
. Bluetooth for hands-free. Bluetooth Phonebook Search From “A to Z”
. Support menu languages customized.
. Equipped with the professional and technical grade core-board, the Hot audio offers smooth and fast operating features.
. Radio chip: strong anti-interference ability, good radio signal receiving
. Power amplifier chip: High-fidelity and powerful audio effects.


ASTRAL service to the customer worldwide

The big screen car stereo of the ASTRAL is the world market leader for the integrated navigation system and car-Hifi & entertainment. The core success factors are innovative strength and pace of innovation. As a professional, a lot is expected of you: operation, functional, installation, durability. – in short: excellent results. The professional big touch screen car stereos from ASTRAL are engineered for excellence – easy operation, functional accuracy, easy installation, high-temperature resistance, along with functional life and durability.


Screen Type HD LCD-TFT, Tesla style big touch screen, Capacitive touch screen
Display Mode 16:09
Resolution 1024*768
Screen Size 10.4 Inch
Brightness Control Yes
Icon Drag Support


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