HD LED Car Headrest DVD Player 10.1 Inch

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Product No: AST -X10D
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HD LED Car Headrest DVD Player 10.1 Inch


A set of one of the best headrest Seat Back DVD Player will bring the theater experience to your back seats, giving your passengers a new level of entertainment for short drives or long trips. Seat Back DVD Player feature many convenient and entertainment features, like wireless bluetooth headsets, touchscreen monitors, DVD players and even video game players or video inputs. They come in a variety of styles to match the look and color of your original headrests, making them appear like they came from the factory.
– 10.1 inch digital panel (1024*RGB*600), with capacitive touchscreen
– With SD card/USB reader
– FM/IR transmitter, built-in speakers
– A/V input/output
– AirPlay and Miracast (optional)
– High-temperature slot-in DVD loader
– Power supply: DC 6V~18V
– Bracket with plastic housing, strong and safe, cable connector built-in bracket
– Bracket is adjustable and the unit is removable from bracket.
CD-R/CD-RW files playback


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